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Originally published on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Ferguson, Missouri’s Demands for Justice

Political accountability for the death of Michael Brown, Jr.

We believe that Michael Brown, Jr. was murdered and that the political structures and representatives in Missouri must be held accountable for their responses, or lack thereof, to his murder.

Special prosecutor for all deadly force cases

We believe that a special prosecutor must be appointed in every incident that involves an officer’s use of deadly force.

Police held accountable for use of deadly force

We believe that officers should be accountable for the use of deadly force in every encounter.

End overpolicing and the criminalization of poverty

We believe that Missouri has a history and current practice of using fines and fees in structurally and systemically racist ways that disproportionately impact the poor and pushes people further into poverty.

Representative police force and intentional officer training

We believe that a police force should be representative of those citizens that it is designed to service and protect. We also believe that police officers should be adequately and intentionally trained to perform his/her duties.

End funding for discriminatory police forces

We believe that any police department that engages in racially discriminatory profiling should not receive state or federal funding until corrective actions supported by the United States Department of Justice are implemented.

Truth and reconciliation commission on structural and systemic inequalities in Missouri

We believe that an independent commission is necessary to be appointed in consultation with the United States Department of Justice to study and make recommendations related to remedies of civil rights violations in Missouri.

The right to protest

We believe in the right to protest and the government’s responsibility to honor and protect this right.

Pass the national “End Racial Profiling” legislation

We believe that the United States Congress must pass the “End Racial Profiling” legislation (H. 2851,S. 1038) introduced by Congressman John Conyers.